How to Choose a Perfect Phone Finder

Choosing a Smartphone is one of the toughest purchasing decisions a person makes! Once you buy a Smartphone, it becomes your beloved possession that you never want to lose. So, it is obvious that you should take steps to protect it, and investing in a phone finder is surely one of them. When you finally decide to purchase a phone finder, the next question is how to choose one. With the variety of phone finders on the market, it is really easy to get confused.

Here are few tips to choose the right phone finder –

  • The first question that you need to answer is how much you are willing to pay. From free tools to free trial versions and premium accessories, there is a wide price range for phone finders. So, first decide how much you are willing to invest.
  • The next thing you need to consider is utility. Is the app simply functioning as a phone finder or are there some additional features? If you are using an accessory, look for functions like – can it work as a phone stand?
  • If you are using an accessory, try to choose one that can be reused with other devices too. Phone finders like the KickBack are restickable. They can be attached to any phone or phone case, removed, and then attached to another device when required. This makes the accessory worth its investment and easy to use.

Finding a lost phone can be a challenging task, especially when its battery has drained off or it’s on silent mode. A phone finder acts as a savior in such situations, but you need to make sure that you have chosen the right phone finder. Choosing a less versed phone finder won’t serve you as well. For example, KickBack Finder is the only locator device that allows you to ping your phone, even if it’s dead or the battery is turned off.

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